Lord of Darkness
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One of the first movies that impacted Kapi was Legend. It was also what introduced her into the Fantasy genre. Tim Curry played the iconic role of The Lord of Darkness and Kapi took her inspiration to recreate this iconic character. The mask was sculpted then cast out of latex, the horns were sculpted, cast with a rigid expanding foam then covered with Worbla. It was the first project of this scale that she had done it was also the first mask she created on her own.

This piece was worn at the 2014 FanX convention in SLC by Xavier Lang and he was joined by his partner Charlie Luna. The piece was entered into the beginner category but was bumped by the judges into the intermediate category where they won 2nd place. You can see the performance here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJ5lL57rNzQ