Information about the Con, from an attendee's view

written by Derrick

Items to Bring


Wristbands and Badges. Printed QR Codes from
This includes registration, photo ops, autographs, events.
A printed list of events/panels/photo ops/booths you'd like to see and visit. This could change but is helpful if you lose access to your electronic device.


Water (see rules).
Power bars/Granola.


Portable cell phone charger. Cameras, cards, batteries. Be sure to charge and clear storage before!
Update your phone app to the latest version before leaving.
I've thought about a pedometer just to track how far I've walked.


Binder/3-ring notebook/Bookbag for carrying items
Clear protective sheets for Photo Ops
Items for Celebs to sign at the autograph booth, props for pics.
If you are dressing up, put on costume to make sure you have everything, then pack it up. Remember items to fix/touch up your costume.


Deodorant, perfume, cologne, smell good stuff.
Hand Sanitizer.
Insoles for shoes if needed.

Additional Information

Things to know

First read over this page:
Register your wristbands in advance. If you leave your wristband loose when attaching, you can slide it off before the Celeb Photo.
If you would like to take a picture of a cosplayer, just ask. Most will say yes as long as they aren't heading somewhere.
Safety: If you have a concern, something to report, contact security, a volunteer, or even a member of the Umbrella Coporation will help you get to where you need to go.
Download the FanX/Salt Lake Comic Con phone app. This will give you updates, mark panels you wish to attend, etc. Update before you head to the convention. There will usually be a link on the SLCC website w/ the schedule it ties to,
If you need to get to a location, start walking over earlier than you think. With crowds and distance, it takes longer than you'd expect.
There is no coat check, storage, secure spaces, etc. I have an idea on how to resolve this but I would need to talk to a few people to get something going.


Find a lot, parking garage, etc. Expect to pay, unless you ride Trax into town. Trax lines and buses are free in that general area.


VIP/Gold members have access to a 'special' entrance. This is located to the right (East) of the General Admission entrance.
IF they reach max capacity, if you leave, you won't be able to get back in until more people leave.
Use your Wristbands to tap against the scanner for entering/leaving. The PITA thing with their setup is you can't see the screen so you have to wait till a volunteer says you can go in.

Panel Information

If it is a regular panel (IE not Capt America, special guest, paid event), VIPs will have their own line and Gold/General in another. You'll want to line up at least 30 mins in advance for VIP, Gold/General 45 mins to 1 hour for the 'best' seats you can get.
The Panels are not cleared after each (unless it is a special event) so you can enter one then move closer for the next one. Special needs enter first, then VIP, then Gold/General. Look for the people holding signs for the end of the line if it cannot be seen.
Big guests are almost always in the Grand Ballroom. If there is another guest at the same time, they are usually in room 250A. Be sure to locate these two rooms. The Grand Ballroom entrance is on the South Side.
If the floor opens at 10 and there is a guest panel at 10, come early. Sometimes they'll open up earlier to fill seats. they usually last for 50 minutes, starting on the top of the hour.

Photo Ops/Autographs

Cash only to purchase. You can try buying them online then have them scan your phone when entering, but this doesn't always work.
VIPs have their own line and enter first. If you have VIP and your friends do not, they can line up with you for the photo. They usually line up 30 mins before, unless it is a big celebrity. You can always ask a volunteer what time they are lining up and will be holding signs of where to stand. Take pictures, video, and have a good time!
For photos, you wait in line, scan your QR code (or wristband if you've linked it up), leave personal items on table, take pic, grab items off table, walk through line, wait till you see your picture, then scan it again. I would recommend buying a digital print; they email it to your account.
The only accurate way I've found out when a celeb will be signing is to look at the printed sheet, attached to the sign, in front of their table.
You can buy prints at the autograph table for them to sign.
You'll see "Special Events" which are an additional cost. Examples are movie screenings, Buzz Aldrin Experience, Dr Who Ultimate Experience, Walking Dead Experience, etc.